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No Grown Ups


This bag is yowies in your pocket and 8008132 on your calculator.

Chino drill on the outside, cool ibis satin on the inside. This bag is the perfect accessory to hold all your hotwheels. Ask mum to get one for you. 
Need more convincing? How about this?

     / \  
  /       \
/     |     \
|      |      |
 \    \   /
 /    |    \
\     |      /
  \       /
     \ /

This too is one of the last bags with the Ibis print satin. 


All bumbags are 100% handmade by @floppyhotdogs
The outside fabric is chino drill and lined with satin printed with Struthless illustrations.

The length from end to end varies between 50-55 inches but if you’re a bigger or smaller friend I can customise the length. Just email or dm @floppyhotdogs

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Blue Flame.jpg