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The Matrix was a documentary and if you believe that too then, Brother, this is the bag for you. This bag is sanitised, sterilised and can be hand-washed (more like brainwashed amirite? hahaha that’s a little inside joke) 
The black straps and chino checkerboard symbolise the restraints that tie society down in a game that is orchestrated by those behind the curtain and we are but pawns whose purpose is to throw themselves at death for their king.
* breathes asthmatically * We meet up on Wednesday's. You know where. 


All bumbags are 100% handmade by @floppyhotdogs
The outside fabric is chino drill and lined with satin printed with Struthless illustrations.

The length from end to end varies between 50-55 inches but if you’re a bigger or smaller friend I can customise the length. Just email heyyy@struthless.com or dm @floppyhotdogs

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Hacker Bag front.jpg
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