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Cheque Yourself


Slurp down your clam chowder, huff your cocaine and breathe in the restaurant smoke - you're in the 80s now baby. This bag lined with satin is perfect for all occasions. Yes! Even going back to the future with Farrah Fawcett to pop your collar higher than a Rubik's cube. That's what they did back then right? Before the Internet?

This bag is in the batch of the last Ibis printed satin.


All bumbags are 100% handmade by @floppyhotdogs
The outside fabric is chino drill and lined with satin printed with Struthless illustrations.

The length from end to end varies between 50-55 inches but if you’re a bigger or smaller friend I can customise the length. Just email or dm @floppyhotdogs

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Cheque Yourself.jpg